Illumin8te Summer Solstice | Blue Lotus Cacao Ceremony & Sun Set Celebrations (Saturday 22nd June) @ The Lighthouse Hub 1PM
22nd June 2024 - 1:00 pm
The Lighthouse Hub

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with us at the Wellness Garden in the Lighthouse Hub! 🌿✨

Join us on **Saturday, 22nd June, from 1pm to 10pm** as we honor the longest day of the year and the powerful energy of the sun. Our celebration is packed with activities designed to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

🌸 **Blue Lotus Cacao Ceremony:** Start your journey with heart-opening cacao, setting intentions for the day ahead.

🪷 **Intention Setting:** Align your goals and desires with the sun’s powerful energy.

🌸 **Share Circle:** Connect deeply with our community, sharing stories and wisdom.

🌸 **Breath Work & Mantra:** Engage in transformative breath work and empowering mantras to elevate your vibration.

🌸 **Cold Water Therapy:** Refresh and rejuvenate with invigorating cold water therapy.

🎶 **Sunset Rave:** Dance your heart out as the sun dips below the horizon, energizing your spirit.


🌞 **Sunset Meditation:** Embrace tranquility with a peaceful sunset meditation, grounding your energy.

🔥 **Fire Ceremony:** Release the old and welcome the new with a powerful fire ceremony.

🎤 **Open Mic:** Share your talents, stories, or poetry with our open mic session.

🔔 **Sound Bath:** Immerse yourself in soothing sound vibrations for deep relaxation.

💫 **Reiki Healing:** Experience the gentle touch of Reiki to balance your energy.

🌟 **Closing Unification Circle:** Conclude the day united in harmony, reflecting on our shared experiences.

Delicious plant-based food and healthy desserts will be served. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the sun and connect with our vibrant community. Bring your friends, your open heart, and let’s make this Summer Solstice unforgettable! ☀️✨




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